RCDC - Requirements for Fellowship

Requirements for Fellowship

  • Requirements for Fellowship

    Each applicant for Fellowship shall have completed the National Dental Specialty Examination in his/her specialty, and submitted the following documentation to the Registrar by the deadline of September 3, 2018:

    • The Fellowship application form;

    • Proof of completion from his/her dental specialty training program. Proof of completion may be submitted as one of the following: a letter from the Dean or Program Director confirming the dates when your program requirements were satisfied; an official transcript indicating completion; the original of your specialty certificate; or, a copy of your specialty certificate issued by the issuing institution. Please note that we cannot accept electronic copies or those certified by a notary public  

    • and,

    • Confirmation of current registration and standing with the dental regulatory authority in your jurisdiction: The letter of good standing must be issued by the dental regulatory authority with which you are currently registered. The letter of standing may confirm general, limited graduate student, or specialty-class registration

    Fellowships are officially conferred each year when the names of Fellows-Elect are read from the roll during the Annual Convocation Ceremony.

    For more information regarding Fellowship, please contact the Admissions and Membership Department.

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